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Project of weapon control and C3I system for Croatian naval ship RTOP-12 (RTOP-12 wiki) as a primary goals include:

Ship`s weapon system include:

and on-board sensors:

All ship`s weapon systems and on-board sensors are products of other companies, and project can be adapted to different user requests.


Project solution is based on PCE developed and produced electronic subsystems which provide:

DEIMOS - Radar observation and tracking system for gun armed vessels. On board it can be used as a standalone system with target tracking system, or integrated with ship`s information and missile control system.

Main functional capabilities are:

FOBOS - Missile launching control system used for launching parameters calculation. Graphical user interface enables very effective interaction with system, presentation of tactical situation, graphical presentation of the missile flight trajectory, functional on-line supervision, simulation and built-in testing.
Missile launching is possible in single-unit and group (salvo) mode.

FEB - Electro-optical observation and tracking system for gun armed vessels, based on optronic sensors - TV and IR cameras and laser rangefinder.

Main functional capabilities are:

IRIDA - Computer system for control of diferent type of sensors, detectors and decoys/jammers. It has ethernet connection with other subsystems onboard.

LINKEJ - Shipborne Command, Control, Communication, Computers Information system node enables data gathering, continuously updated presentation, tactical planning, distribution of tactical information onboard own ships and to other cooperating units.
It`s functionality require cooperation with ships Combat Management System.

Functional integration of all subsystems is done by internal ethernet network, using specialised communication protocol designed as dedicated application layer on TCP/IP as a base communication protocol.

Standard user interface for all systems are Multi Function Consoles(MFC) and Tactical & Missile Console(TMC).

Some representations of equipment installed on RTOP-12 are shown in next pictures:

Complete project documentation, installation and testing is done by the PCE company.

Similar project, but in smaller scope, has been done earlier on the RTOP-21 ship, where missile control subsystem and gun-fire control subsystem were integrated with an older 9C3 subsystem of Philips origin, that was already installed onboard.