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MOL is a Mobile Coastal Missile Launching System designed and produced for "Saab" RBS15B missiles. It is high-automatized system which has fast reaction to target appearance. MOL uses modified FOBOS Missile Launching Control System, installed with other necessary technical subsystems on a 'TATRA' vehicle.

Missile launching control system is a real-time computing system used for launching parameters calculation. It uses data from local sensors (pitch, roll, bearing and weather). Graphical user interface enables very effective interaction with system, presentation of tactical situation, graphical presentation of the missile flight trajectory, simulation and built-in testing. Missile launching is possible in single-unit and group (salvo) mode.

PCE company performed the following tasks on the launching subsystem of "MOL" :

In addition, the fire detection and extinguishing system for the vehicle cabin is also a product of PCE company.

Hydraulic and other specific mechanical subsystems are produced by specialized cooperators under PCE supervision.

The MOL structure:

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'TATRA' vehicle with RBS-15 missiles inside the 'PCE' garage.

The MOL system consists of the following subsystems:


Target range 12 - 80 km
Target angle ±110°
Target velocity 0 - 50 kn
Roll angle ± 8° max
Pitch angle +5/-3 ° max
Bearing acuracy ± 1°
Heading alignment ± 1°