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MFC - Multi-Functional Console

Multi-Functional Console (CRT ver.)

General Informations :

MFC multi-function console is high performance user interface for host applications such as fire control systems, combat systems, sonar systems, C4I systems and other graphically intense tasks.

It enables:

MFC functioning is based on powerful general-purpose computer of commercial- off-the-shelf type. It is designed to meet relevant military and industrial requirements for harsh environment.

Typical application of MFC console includes:

MFC console offers system integrators very flexible component of high quality which use is based on few well defined industry standards.


Technical Specification:

LCD 20"
Resolution: 1600x1200 px

* On user request, other display type and resolution can be used.

Touch-mask screen 10" 640x480 px color TFT-LCD
Keyboard QWERTY 101 key

Radar: 2 analog + 3 digital

Ethernet interface
RS 232/422/485

Operating system:
Linux ; MS Windows(alt.)

Adaptability to User Requests:

MFC console design provides modular architecture using commercial of-the-shelf components of the Standard Industrial grade.
The MFC allows the creation of a cost-effective command and control solution which can be tailored to specific user application requests regarding functionality and construction.

Constructional variants of a new type of MFC :