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FOBOS - Missile Launching Control System

General Information :

FOBOS is compact and fast missile launching control system developed for 'Saab' RBS15 missiles. It can control up to eight missiles, and can be installed on a ship or on a land vehicle.

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Functional block diagram.

FOBOS System is composed of:

It can be used as a standalone system or in a connection with the Deimos fire control system(on board), which enables extended functionality providing detailed graphical display of tactical situation, missile target data tables and missile flight trajectory. Missile fire control panel can be standalone unit or it can be integrated within Tactical & Missile Console-TMC.

Launching parameters calculated by the FOBOS system are:


FOBOS control computer system

FOBOS control system is a client-server computer architecture which performs all calculations, user control functions and target control functions. For its calculations FOBOS computer receive data from ships sensors(course, speed, bearing, range, roll, pitch, wind) or trucks sensors(heading,roll, pitch, wind). System communication with user interface equipment is performed by means of Ethernet LAN.

User interface

The FOBOS Standard user interface is MFCP - Missile Fire Control Panel, integrated in the Tactical & Missile Console-TMC. In a land vehicle FOBOS installation, light computer terminal is used for this function.

Canister with missile

Missiles with canisters are mounted on the pedestal on the ship or on the truck. For connecting missiles with the FOBOS system, interface module specific for missile type is used (LSU+LPB).

Note: Canisters with missiles are not PCE delivery.

Coastal mobile launcher


Own ship:
Roll/Pitch angle ±25° / ±10° max
R/P angle velocity 25 / 10 °/s max
Speed 25 m/s max

Roll/Pitch angle ±8° / +5 - -3° max

Measurement ranges:

The Fast Missile Corvette RTOP-12

Target range 12 - 80 km
Target angle (from ship) ±90°
Target angle (from vehicle) ±110°
Target speed 0 - 50 kn
Time of flight 0 - 310 s
Air temperature -35 - +55 °C
Wind speed 0 - 30 m/s