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FEB - Optronic Fire Control System

General Information :

FEB is an electro-optical observation and tracking system for gun armed vessels, based on optronic sensors - TV and IR camera and laser rangefinder. On board it can be used as a standalone system or in a connection with ship's information and weapon control system. With some modifications, it can be used as a land-based observation and target tracking system.

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Functional block diagram.

Main functional capabilities are:

FEB is designed to co-operate with the shipboard Command and Information System.

For complete functionality, FEB communicate with other systems on board:

Standard user interface for FEB system is a Multi Function Console - MFC.


Optronic director

Stabilized platform with high-precision electrical motor drive and optronic sensors. Surveillance and tracking is performed with TV or Infra-Red dual field-of-view camera. Surveillance area is 0 - 360° bearing and 0 - 80° elevation. Target range is measured with laser rangefinder within range of 20 km.

FEB control computer system

FEB control system is a multicomputer architecture which performs all calculations, user control functions, optronic director servo control and TV/IR target tracker control functions. For its calculations FEB computer receive data from ship sensors - heading, velocity, roll, pitch, wind data. System communication with user interface equipment is performed by means of Ethernet LAN.

Operator console

FEB - Operator Console (CRT ver.)

Standard user interface for shipborne applications is Multi Function Console MFC. All control functions and presentation on the FEB system are performed by this console. For land-based surveillance and target tracking applications, FEB can use other type of user interface equipment.


Target data (max):
Range 20 km
Bearing 0 - 360°
Elevation 0 - 70°
Angular velocity 10 °/s

Optronic director:

FEB Optronic director on the missile corvette

Type two axes - bearing/elevation
Drive electric, direct drive
Bearing coverage unlimited
Elevation coverage -25° - +80°

TV camera:
Type CCD
Field of view (diag) narrow 2.5°

IR camera:
Wavelength 3 - 5 µm
Field of view narrow 2.0x1.5°
wide 7.2x5.4°

Range 20 km
PRF 1 / 3 / 8 Hz
Resolution 5 m